Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Add RAM To Your Laptop

RAM is a type of hardware that served to balance the speed of data transfer between the processor and hard drive. The data stored in the hard drive, so the processor will retrieve data from the hard drive while running the application made ​​requests. But unfortunately, the mechanical speed of the hard drive could not match the speed of the processor. It required that his name is called RAM memory while, to accommodate the data from the hard drive before it is given to the processor. With the RAM, the processor will not be late to receive the data to be processed.

But physical RAM memory capacity is also limited to the existing motherboard, if the RAM is full then the data processing speed will also be reduced. That's why over time the computer will be slow to be used to run applications. If you have this inevitably we have to restart the computer, so that the speed can be recovered as when first turned on.

The larger the RAM memory capacity, storage space would be more relieved. Data were accommodated greater, then the request will be given to the processor will be faster. Moreover computers also will take longer to deliver good performance to users.

 How to Add RAM To Your Laptop

Access speed is also affected by the data rate of the type of RAM used. Types of RAM that exists today is the result of the development of the previous generation. Recent RAM types thus has a faster transfer rate than the previous types.

Types of RAM is generally known from the first generation is SDR ( Single Data Rate ) and DDR ( Double Data Rate ). This type of DDR RAM and up to now has reached the fifth generation of the DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5.
DDR ( Double Data Rate ) is the result of the development of SDR ( Single Data Rate ). As the name implies, SDR is able to accommodate only 1 bit of data per clock for, while the DDR can accommodate 2 bits of data per clock.

The fundamental difference of each new type of RAM is the increase date rate twice higher than previous types. And the latest type of RAM with a higher rate date, also requires lower power.

Here are tips how to Increase Computer RAM memory
The most important to know if you want to increase the amount of physical RAM capacity, that any kind of RAM will not fit with the type of motherboard is supported. So the motherboard is compatible with DDR2 will not be compatible if installed DDR3. Among the pin ( leg ) each type of RAM there is the so-called notch, if it does not match the notch slot on the motherboard RAM will not be installed.

How to add ( upgrade ) physical capacity RAM There are two ways you can do.
1. Replace the old RAM with new RAM larger capacity as needed.
2. Add 1 new RAM slot again. For example, one slot is already installed on a computer with a capacity of 512Mb, 1Gb RAM capacity to obtain, you just buy a new RAM capacity of 512MB.

If you're going to replace the old with the new RAM, just look for the type of RAM that is supported by the motherboard.
To add a new one RAM slot, two sets of RAM are also necessarily identical. So that you do not buy the wrong type of RAM, the RAM should also be taken as an example of the old.

What if my computer using RAM type DDR2, and DDR3 that want to replace it with a faster computer ?...
Because notch every type of RAM is not the same, to upgrade the RAM type means also replace all motherboards.

BTT, if completed replacing / adding RAM capacity is completed it is time to check the amount of memory capacity. Physical memory is written to RAM, which should be read in accordance with the number of computers. If it does not fit, obviously there is something wrong.
Note : Windows 32 -bit only able to read up to 2 Gb of RAM. If the existing RAM memory capacity is more than 2GB, then the computer reads only the 2Gb alone.
RAM check : Click Start- > Run - > type " dxdiag " without the quotes.
Or : Start - > Accessories - > System Tools - > System Information - > Look at " Total Physical Memory ".


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