Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Replace And Install RAM Laptop

RAM will determine the performance of the laptop or notebook you have, therefore if it is possible and you should have the funds to upgrade your laptop memory is that its performance is increasing. On this occasion we try to provide information on how to replace and install the RAM on your laptop.

Did you know that there is no difficulty to remove the RAM from the laptop stand. Slightly similar to removing RAM PC, is to open the lock or hook from the right and left of RAM. Only difference laptop RAM is not standing position, but the position was like RAM PC.

There are several types of ram is SOODIM, DDR 1, DDR 2 and now usually use a laptop or notebook DDR 3.

How to Replace And Install RAM Laptop

RAM on a laptop acer, toshiba, HP, compact, axioo, advance, zyrex, samsung, and all other brands using the same memory and some of them show a symbol in the casing as a sign of where the laptop memory.

Here's how to replace the RAM or memory laptop or notebook:

1. Open the hood casing cover RAM
2. Press the right and left lock RAM direction of exit
Once a key is pressed out, then the RAM position will rise to the top and tilt.
3. Pull his RAM.

Now HOW how to reinstall:

1. Put RAM in RAM slots available at oblique state (position you take RAM)
2. Make sure the RAM is fitted and fixed into the RAM slot
3. Now press down the RAM (as previously locked RAM position) until it clicks.

Finishes, easy to replace the RAM instead good luck hopefully help.


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